Allied Locks are more than just locksmiths, although we are very good ones. We also provide a range of security, integrity, and customisation services that help audit, develop, and improve systems; setting new standards in the industries we serve.


Allied Locks’ services are bespoke and based on testing, validating, and testing again. We always take in to account the wider safety environment and set the bar high, with compliance being an outcome of that rigour. At the same time, we work hard to keep up-to-date with changing and varied local council and industry requirements.

Detailed surveys and audits go beyond simply locks and look for what our clients may not see; the sagging hinges on a gate, faulty construction or the simple flaw in operation that compromises integrity.

Our approach is collaborative. We work with industries and subject experts, including material specialists, to deliver outcomes that change the nature of safe entry and egress. Our approach is always: Just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

The result is often ground-breaking security that benefits not just an individual business or sector but us all.

Audits & Surveys

Audits take a step by step review of existing entry and egress systems, informed by an understanding of relevant compliance requirements, and clients’ business needs. Site visits are followed by reports and recommendations and follow-up conversations.

Surveys take a broad view of clients’ current and future people access management and data collection needs. Surveys begin and conclude with conversations that cover goals and needs and which conclude with expert observations, suggestions and solutions.

System Customisation

“Just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done” is at the heart of Allied Locks. We are open-minded in our designs, manufacturing and systems and test emerging technologies rigorously in the field and in our lab to predict and ensure integrity in any situation.

Our collaborative approach means there is always an expert available to transfer their skills to new challenges.

Bespoke solutions are not the exception; they are what we do, every day.

Support and Technical Assistance

Allied Locks experts are available 24/7. That’s our commitment.

Our broadly experienced and resourceful team have detailed knowledge of our products along with an in-depth understanding of the companies and industries we service.

When clients need advice or technical assistance there is always someone who can respond – fast.

We also believe in on-going conversations with clients, listening to feedback, pursuing evolving technology, and continuous improvement.