Allied Locks’ high-quality products provide strength and integrity through leading edge designs and uncompromising engineering. We listen, collaborate, and innovate to deliver answers to challenges in all areas of protection, security, and access management.

Padlocks, locks and keys

Founded over 100 years ago, Finland-based Abloy are world-leaders. Enduring and tough, their padlocks, locks and keys are ultra-resistant to weather extremes and hostile environments.

With design and construction based on resilience, flexibility and integrity they are relied on equally in remote locations, and as the primary line of defence where asset security is critical to guaranteed continuous service and public safety.

Born from the result of collaboration with the power industry, the Abloy 629 has taken a great product (the 330) and, using Allied Lock’s Betterise® principles, made it even better. Wear is reduced and the special high tensile stainless shackle will never rust in any environmental circumstance. Colour ID on the locks creates further system integrity.

Proven and trusted, locally and globally, the Assa Abloy range provides whole-business solutions whether it’s protecting precious drinking water or protecting precious metals.


Secure mobile access control for critical infrastructure protection

Introducing ABLOY BEAT – our innovative, keyless product range specially designed for critical infrastructure protection. These mobile and smart solutions welcome in a new era in fully connected, digital access control. Powered by Seos® credential technology, ABLOY BEAT provides exceptional security and privacy protection; always in sync with your security set-up and adding efficiency to your operations.

RockIT® HD Smart Padlock

RockIT® HD Smart Padlocks are keyless, heavy-duty locks with an industrial strength body and intelligent core. Together with the industry-leading RockIT® Lock mobile app and software platform you gain complete visibility and control over who, when, and where, your locks are being used, from anywhere in the world.

Safety gates

Gates are potentially the weakest point in any fenced compound. Purpose-designed, and deliberately over-engineered Duragate make sure they won’t be.

Duragate performs with unsurpassed integrity in high-traffic and low-traffic situations even in windy environments; closing and latching securely every time without the reverberations which weaken locks.

Constructed in non-corrosive lightweight aluminium, and able to operate in temperatures from minus 20 to over 50 degrees, they have excellent structural strength and well-protected stress points.

For additional user safety, a bespoke hydraulic gate closer regulates gate speed.

Safety doors

Used extensively in substations, switching buildings and water control rooms, the Exal Powerdoor’s exceptional integrity gives asset owners consistent access control, and peace-of-mind.

Designed to align with companies’ security policies, the doors are highly specified and uncompromisingly engineered. Every detail has been considered. Marine grade stainless steel was selected for the hardware, and a unique hydraulic door closer enables even outward-opening, oversized equipment doors to operate safely and reliably in high winds.

Intelligent electronic locks are often used and are a complementary option for all Exal Powerdoors further protecting critical and sensitive areas of infrastructure.

RockIT® Smart Key Rack

This Bluetooth controlled, RockIT® Smart Key Rack has intelligent locking strips which securely hold keys. Fully scalable, its options include a remote unlocking function and backup battery system.

– INTEGRIBOLT (16mm) & INTEGRIBOLT Xtend (30mm)

Integribolt is a product like no other, setting the standard for critical infrastructure.

These bolts were developed specifically to address issues raised by Australian and New Zealand lines companies regarding shortcomings in conventional locks including corrosion, low integrity, and metal, fibreglass and plastic cabinets popping open.

Made from high quality, non-corrosive metal components, long-life Integribolts are extensively tested under the most extreme conditions including 1000hr accelerated salt mist testing, 1200N Bolt to end test, and a 6KN Static Loading test.

Integribolts’ backing plates’ screws sit flat against the cabinet wall, so cannot come lose through vibration while a slimline design minimises intrusion into the cabinet.

Integribolt Xtend™, can be retro-fitted easily and cost-effectively replacing problem prone existing latches. Integribolt Xtend™ is also now the preferred standard fitting in new fibreglass cabinets for some of Australasia’s leading energy companies.

Forest & rural access
– RockIT®

Digitally-sophisticated yet easy to use, RockIT® is a Smartphone or fob activated access and people management system. The result of collaboration with the forestry industry, it’s designed to meet the challenges of the hard use typical of physically isolated locations, with the lock itself encased in a tamper-proof metal box.

RockIT has been ruggedized and extensively tested in the lab and in the field to guarantee the most dependable and reliable access control in harsh environments.

RockIT allows only pre-approved entry to land, minimising the risk of theft and damage and providing a comprehensive forensic trail for every individual. Access can be approved, revoked and monitored remotely.

The time-saving system is also future-proofed – with software updated regularly.

Key management
– Coloured Keys

Available in 15 colours, (and bi-colours to suit the complexities of specialist safety systems), these time-saving keys make identification and audits quick and efficient.

The poly-carbonate key heads are exceptionally durable. They won’t break or come apart and they feature indelible engraving for enduring outstanding clarity, on the metal and on the poly-carb.

Each key has an individual code which indicates; the key owner, where the key sits in the master key system, and its issue number, enabling accurate tracing and tracking.

Key management
– Return Tags

A lost key puts a company’s security at stake and can be costly. Despite every care being taken, keys do get misplaced so it’s best to be prepared.

These durable, stainless steel return tags support the robustness of any key-based system. “Field-tested” by real-life situations, (including going through lawnmowers), their integrity is assured.

Punched into the tags are; Allied Locks’ postal address, a postage paid message, and our phone number. This enables the key to be returned to Allied Locks, and ultimately, their owner.