Market Sectors

Allied Locks specialise in protecting the integrity of entry and egress management for industries and infrastructure throughout New Zealand and Australia. No challenge is too great. No location is too remote, no environment too extreme.


Allied Locks provide solutions for the entire power industry, be it wind, water or solar. We supply generation, transmission and lines companies with cohesive systems that protect assets and people and ensure compliance. Our high-quality products are manufactured to withstand corrosive environments (geo thermal and marine), extreme temperatures, dust, and vandalism.

With over-use and under-use of padlocks a threat to integrity, leading-edge locks and bolts give certainty, and peace-of-mind whether an asset is accessed 50 to 100 times a day or once every five years.

Likewise, industry-specific security for cabinetry, doors and gates enable safe, authorised, access.


The highly corrosive environments in which geo thermal equipment stations are located demand first and foremost lock systems which are impervious to hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Allied Locks deliver that.

We are also very aware of the gas industry’s particular challenges around the need to avoid creating sparks near what is a very volatile product and have developed solutions that eliminate that risk.

Our industry-informed approach, and specialist products, result in dependable, secure, high integrity systems that function reliably in all environments and in all weather conditions.


Allied Locks work closely with the major forestry companies, developing whole-industry solutions to help manage assets and people across close to one million hectares of forest.

Our specialist knowledge and experience, gained over almost three decades, has been shared on issues ranging from reducing fire risk to bio security.

Unique systems have also been developed in collaboration with the industry, which provide guaranteed control of remote sites and, when required, monitored access for multiple stakeholders, along with real-time data collection and tracking.


With its importance to lives and potential for contamination, accidental or deliberate, water is one of the vulnerable points in any city or country’s infrastructure.

Allied Locks’ products, systems and disciplines work to secure wastewater, grey water and fresh water facilities. We ensure each is kept absolutely separate and that public safety, integrity, and compliance are maintained – and any risk is mitigated.

Our advice is always to be prepared. There are no substitutes for robust procedures and Allied Locks are available to review, and recommend actions on any potential weak spots.


Allied Locks, and our products, are involved in many and varied industries. From fisheries’ marine environment to the challenges of petroleum storage for major suppliers, to rail corridor projects.

What each has in common is the need for control, integrity and traceability in every aspect of their business, but particularly safety. Allied Locks are trusted by major food processing companies to help maintain export compliance and manage food security.

Dedicated security companies themselves also supply our products to a wide range of companies and market sectors.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

We work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide purpose-built solutions to the security challenges currently testing companies and industries around the globe.

Our collaborative approach and willingness to partner with specialists including metallurgists means we have a nimble, explorative attitude to any new project and have the expertise and resources to find the best answer.

“Just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done” continues to motivate us and provide fresh thoughts, backed by sophisticated engineering and decades of practical experience.


Allied Locks partner with leading mining companies to address some of the most challenging security issues of any sector. In addition to the value of the product (particularly precious metals) with the risk of thefts and vandalism, there is also the need to safeguard heavy equipment during lockout phases of scheduled maintenance. That’s combined with; remote locations, temperature extremes, humidity, and dust.

We deliver total peace of mind in New Zealand, Australia, and offshore, with a comprehensive range that includes Assa Abloy’s 360 locks – the strongest in the world – and the “gold standard”.


The need to work safely and efficiently in corrosive salt environments, with quick turn-arounds, are at the heart of the marine industry. Any time a boat is not at sea is a loss of income.

Allied Locks provide products and expert advice that ensure food security, boat preparedness, and adherence to stringent international standards. Our purpose-designed Assa Abloy marine range, and technical ability, keep things moving on the wharf, and at sea, for fisheries, ports, and freight companies.

Like the marine industry, we work in all weathers, 24/7.